Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yay, I have started a blog!

Yep. I finally decided that I needed to start a blog. Mind you this still doesn't mean that I will be blogging all of the time as I still have a full time job and 3 little ones to take care of. However, I have finally been able to force some sewing in (Casey's circle skirt sew-along) and I needed a place to put up the pictures. I will try to keep the blog updated, but don't get upset if I take a long time between posts :)

As you can see the name of the blog is "a series of (unfortunate) vintage sewing attempts". I am not sure that I should have limited it to sewing, because I have had a series of unfortunate other events in my attempts to create a new wardrobe for myself.

See my intent is to create/obtain a wonderful wardrobe to express myself because my wardrobe is quite lacking and I don't even like the majority of it. Besides that, I can't fit into most of it post-babies.

Yes I do plan on trying to edit my diet and keep with an exercise routine and lose some weight (no, I don't think I will make it back to pre-babies and I am completely fine with that). However, I don't need my clothing to make me look and feel horrible with the way I am right now. I want clothes that express me and make me feel great, isn't that what everyone wants?

Anyway, on my adventure to obtain this kind of wardrobe, I have bought a few things here and there, and had terrible luck at it. Either the pieces don't fit, they don't go with anything, or it just plain doesn't match what I thought it would look like when I bought it. Plus the majority of the problem is that I can't afford what I really want.

So in an effort to get some quality clothing I have attempted to start sewing. Now, I do realize that in order to sew quality stuff, I will need quality material and whatnot, but that isn't really too much of a concern right now because I first have to worry with the fact I can't sew (or knit, crochet, etc).

This blog is here for documentation of all of my attempts (failed or not) of sewing (and anything else that comes up). Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to me so I will not make the same mistakes twice (or at least not too many times LOL). I also hope that it might help other people who might run across any of the problems I experience in case I do come up with a solution. It also might help to know there is someone out there experiencing these problems and you are not alone (because I read a ton of blogs and they make it all seem so easy, and it isn't - well at least for me!).

At least you might be able to look at this blog and say "It could be worse. Look at her". LOL

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