Thursday, October 13, 2011

sew-along update

If you happen to be following A Few Threads Loose's lingere sew-along, you may have noticed in my last post what I didn't... I cut out the pieces wrong! I was suppose to tape together the pieces first and THEN cut out only two pieces instead of the 4 that I cut out. Oops. I looked at it before I cut it out and knew there was something wrong because the seam allowances were not on all of the seams and that didn't make sense. did explain this on her blog post, but being a dummy I read the post and then went home and did the cutting on memory because the computer was occupied and my hubby is getting frustrated with how much I am on the computer.

Instead of wasting what I had already cut out, I decided to just try to make due and sew the pieces together and just get it right next time. I also noticed that somehow I didn't cut out enough of one piece and recut that piece again. So, I got it all sewn together and was ready to start on the new post that she put up. The only problem was that the internet was not working on the computer. I was still really excited to continue working on the bra and to not get behind, but I didn't want to make the same mistake as the cutting by not looking at the website, so I decided to use my phone to access the page.

The phone was being extremely slow and most of the pictures would not load, but I got the text and read through it a few times and thought I was comfortable enough with it to go ahead and try it anyway.

This is the first project that I have done that had darts. I looked at Anna's dart post and it looked so easy. So I started at it. I found that it was not as nice and easy as it looked on her page. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't that hard and I think that most people would find it easy, but being my first time I had some problems. The hardest part was getting the needle to come through at the point of the dart. I stuck my finger on the point and then tried putting the needle there, sounds simple, right? Then why wouldn't that dang needle get on the top of that dart? I had to poke it again and again through until I got it to the top. Then I had to turn it over and rub my finger through all of the holes I made in the fabric. At least that made the holes less noticeable and almost disappear, It would have been terrible on a fabric that wasn't as forgiving.

Then came the next part, folding it over and creating a little triangle with the head of the pin at the top center and the two other pins lined up. This also sounds super easy and it was for the top dart; however, sometimes it took forever for me to get the fabric positioned right so that there was a nice flat triangle between the pieces. I did it though. She suggested maybe using a chalk wheel or something to mark the dart, I just used a color pencil that was laying around. Seemed to work fine and it was on the inside anyway and any pencil left visible would be covered by the lining.

The rest of the dart process went pretty smoothly. All I had to do was sew down the darts only a few of which I accidentally sewed the wrong direction (you were suppose to end at the point). I clipped the darts and then pressed.

So using the tiny little iPhone screen on the website helped a little, because I am not sure I could have done the darts without it, but I think it failed me on this next part. I thought the site said that I had to put the tips a 1/5 inch from the center when I sewed the cup to the band. I thought this was odd and made the center look terrible, I even re-read it to make sure. Again with the I should have followed my instinct and just waited until I could look at the pictures on the website because that isn't the way it actually read. But I didn't know that until I got on the computer and looked at the post today. So I sewed it up wrong and tonight will be using my most used sewing tool (even more used that the sewing machine I think)...the seam ripper. Oh well, I will show you the pictures I took anyway...

Oh yeah and I tried it on, (the cups were too far apart obviously), but there was another problem that the cups were too large, so I am thinking I may try to fix that tonight when I redo the band.

I am going to try a new way to end my posts, because I hate the way I was doing it before. I am still working on it though. let me know what you think...

Thank you for reading my post. I hope it has been helpful to you (at least let you know what not to do LOL) and I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, ideas, and comments.

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