Friday, October 28, 2011

No good update

So, I know I have been a terrible blogger and not writing. I did warn you in the first post though.

The reason I haven't written is because my sewing project has been put on hold. The next step requires a second person to help, though I have been told by my hubby that he would help out....I haven't been able to get it done. So, I am not giving up o the project, it has just been put on hold for the moment.

I thought of continuing the sew along and starting the bottoms, but as I was cleaning the other day I caught a glimpse at some plaid fabric (that came from an estate sale my mother went to) and thought it would be a real nice skirt. I think that a skirt would be of more use at the moment (though I don't have any shirts to go with it). I think it would make a lovely 3/4 circle skirt, but I don't think there is enough fabric. I will have to start calculating and see how much it will take (I know there is not enough for a full circle skirt). If there is not enough I will settle for a pencil skirt, if only there was enough for a cute matching short jacket.

I did have a spark happen yesterday when i was thinking about all of those lovely ladies who cook/clean in vintage/vintage inspired clothes and it makes them feel good. I always dress horribly when I cook/clean because I make a mess (even with an apron) and can't bare to ruin any of my nice clothes. The spark came in when I thought about muslin. I could wear muslins (whether made of muslin - could dye or paint to make cuter- or other cheap material) around the house cooking and cleaning and if I ruin them it wouldn't be that big of a deal since they were just used to fit my real garment. That makes me happy. Now if I can just figure out something for vintage inspired workout gear :)

Anyway, Hopefully this weekend while my husband is in the woods, I will be able to get some sewing done and have something to share with you. That's all I've got.

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