Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sew-along update and more

Lingerie sew-along update: I cut out all of the pieces. I am so proud that I am not falling behind on this one, but that maybe because the pattern was already in my size and I didn't have to do any of the size adjustments that some people are having to. Nothing really special to show here.

Oh, I did decide to do all of the bra out of the same fabric instead of the cup out of a different fabric than the band. Mainly because that is what I had available, but I think it will still look nice. I can always make more and if this turns out the way I hope, I plan on making quite a few more of these. How do you handle reusing patterns again and again? and how do you store them? I wasn't sure. I made the pattern for the circle skirt out of a newspaper pieced together (elegant I know). I am not sure if I should keep it or if I should just draft it again (Casey did have very good directions on how to do it).

One more note about the sew-along. I decided not to do the original fabric that I said I was going to use in my last post because I noticed that it had a stain on it and I wasn't sure that I could cut around the stain. So I decided on this fabric.

It is still a flannel receiving blanket (because I have quite a few and they are not in good enough shape to give to my friends expecting). But this one has on it little pink chickens. Chickens are probably even less sexy than little strawberries or roses LOL. I still think they will be cute and super comfy, even if I only get to wear them as pjs (not sure how a bra out of soft flannel will work out for normal wear yet).

One more thing happened yesterday that I wanted to mention, I got my vintage glasses that I ordered a couple weeks ago and were so excited to get.

They are adorable, but...

They are broken pretty badly. They are broken in multiple places along where the lenses go and they are bent to where they are unrepairable at the bridge. I contacted the seller on etsy and she said to send them back and she would refund my money. Which is okay I guess because I don't have any use for them and I hate to have spent more than I would have liked on them, but I really wanted a pair of lovely vintage glasses. I looked on ebay and etsy last night and haven't found any that I really like to replace them yet :( Oh well.

I guess that's all. (I still haven't figured out a good way to end posts LOL)

PS - I don't know why I can't respond to comments. It says I dont' have permission (on my own blog LOL). It is no wonder I can't post messages to anyone else's blog when I have comments (to which I normally just give up on).

So here are my responses (I will eventually figure this thing out):

I do love the fabric of the skirt, I realized when writing the first post and looking up the fabric on the store's website that it is listed as quilting fabric. Oh well, I think it looks nice.

The shoes are my favorite shoes. I actually have three pairs in different colors. You can't see in the picture too good but they are checked (yellow and white). I got a black/white pair first (the only color they had), they were half price with a pair of tennis shoes I needed for working out. Then later I saw the other two colors (blue/white and yellow/white) and they were on sale for only $8 AND B1G1, so I got them both. They didn't have any more in my size LOL.

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