Saturday, October 8, 2011

I did it! Circle skirt is done!

Yay! I finished the circle skirt. There were a couple of issues, but all in all i am happy with the results. So here is the update...

Waistband: So I did finally catch nancy at home and show her my progress and was happy when she told me that it was pretty good. I showed her the interfacing and waistband and she told me that I shouldn't try to piece together interfacing (because mine was too short for the waistband in one piece because I didn't want to buy a huge amount of interfacing). She gave me a piece of no-iron interfacing the correct size and sent me off to do the waistband by myself. next time I won't skimp when purchasing interfacing (it is not like it is that expensive - the fabric on the other hand...).

Anyway, I did really good job on the waistband sewing the ends and flipping out the corners. Then it came time to pin it to the skirt. Well, this is where there was a problem. It wasn't long enough. What happened? Did I not account for the seam allowance? I am not sure but I had already gotten this far and only had that one piece of interfacing, i wasn't going to let it get in the way of me finishing the skirt on time.

I made the skirt fit into the waistband. It caused a little puckering, which apparently I didn't get a picture of. While looking for that picture I remembered another problem i had though. The waistband should have covered up the stay stitching. However because the stay stitching wasn't very straight (oops) There was a place where the stay stitching peeked out (and pretty badly too).

As you can see I was in the process of ripping out the visible seam in the picture, that was my solution. Not great, but what could I do.

The rest of the waistband insertion went pretty smoothly. Then came the hook-n-eye closure, which I now realize are made for lapped zippers, oops. I attached it anyway without directions. It looks pretty bad, i think I might go back and redo it once I figure out how it was suppose to have been done.

Hem: Well by the time I got to the hem I was upset about other things and should have just went to bed. But no, I didn't. i stayed up till 2 am working on it. The needle came unthreaded and then the bobbin came unthreaded twice, then I ran out of bobbin thread. It was a disaster. I had to finish with not matching thread and after i finished there was a small messed up section that I just let.

So now I am done! Not great, but i can say two things about it that I can't say about any other of my clothes. 1. I made it! 2. It fits great!

Hubby wasn't here to take pictures, so I tried to wing it.

Ok, that's all. I only have a few minutes to submit it for Casey's cssa party. I'll put up a link to it soon.

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