Friday, October 21, 2011

update, well sort of

Okay, so I know I didn't get back with an update yet. That is because there isn't much to update (or that I want to update LOL).

I didn't get to sew the first day because I took my son out to get a much needed haircut. I took pictures and wanted to get him a cute 1940s military style (lovely referred to as "just a haircut" by all the barbers I have talked to). You know the one that Brad Pitt wore....

It is actually quite grown out in that picture and I couldn't find a picture (without his hat) from earlier in the movie so I showed the hairdresser this photo(yes I know it was my mistake not taking him to a barber, but I was impatient and no barbers were open then).

The result was disastrous. So then another evening sewing was missed out on because I had to take him to the barber to get the cut repaired (aka, cut so short as to mask all of the horrible problems). It is cute now, not what I originally wanted, but no weird wavy lines on the head and it actually has some tapering instead of being shaved then long hair.

So I did get something accomplished, it just wasn't sewing.

I tried to work on sewing the one other night I had and I am so far behind that I had to keep going back posts to find the one I was on. The problem is that I didn't go back quite far enough. I ended up doing something out of order and have really screwed up. I am so glad that this flannel is my muslin and I will be making another as the real one. No pictures to show (yeah, it is that bad LOL).

I did find a really good article (from another blogger's post about it) about homemade clothing and society and thought I would pass it along. It doesn't really apply to me yet because I am not a skilled sewer, but I will get there. You should really check it out.

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