Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beachy color scheme (and ripping off other people's ideas)

I have decide on a color scheme for my beach projects. Not everything I will pack will have to fall into this scheme. It is mostly for the separates to make sure that everything is interchangeable as much as possible.
Well here it is.
I mostly started with the skirts that I already have since I knew what it would look like and then went with what colors would go well with them.

So here are the two skirts I have to start with that the color scheme is based on...

The circle skirt I made as part of Casey's circle skirt sew along. I think I am going to bind the bottom (or at least re-hem), but besides that it is done.

The sailboat skirt that I still do not have a picture of and am substituting a photo of my finished inspiration.

My mother got mine for me at an estate sale mixed into a sewing fabric stash basket. Yes my mother is an enabler in my ever growing fabric stash LOL. It needs shortened (it is ankle length), but I don't want to lose the border print which is what I love most about the skirt.

The other bottoms will include three shorts (playsuit bottoms, Bermuda, and capris/pedal pushers - I never did figure out which length refers to which. I am looking for right below the knee)

So the tops that need to match are

- swimsuit (which seams to be the most difficult to find fabric for).

- 3 tops (halter neck, sleeveless, short sleeve)

- playsuit top

They don't all have to match each one, but I would like each piece to at the very least go with two pieces.

A more organized and less hurried person would sit down and plan each piece out before even starting to sew. I am just too excited and I want to get sewing while I am still on a roll. So I am going to go ahead and make this first top.

Since I only know two skirt fabrics so far, I am going to make my top work with both skirts.

So I am thinking yellow. I am not sure if that is because I love yellow so much and tend to lean towards yellow tops, or because I really like how well this person did on their version of this same pattern...

I also like the mint green little bow. Hm... thinking of just copying this completely. I think there might be some blogger etiquette that you are not suppose to just rip someone else's idea off....
I do live in WV and no one will likely ever see/know the both of us....
And I put a link back to where I got it from....
What do you think still no good?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Afternoon tea trial

So, I made up my muslin of the afternoon tea top. You thought I would never get around to it did you?

I made two small adjustments to the pattern. I added straps (which I think I must not have measured exactly because one side looks slightly lopsided) and I made the darts seams.

Here is how I did the darts.
First I cut the darts out of the pattern paper and then cut straight down to the bottom for the part below the dart.

Then, when cutting the fabric I made sure to add seam allowance to the new seam I made.

I made this out of old baby receiving blankets.
cute little detail that was on one of the blankets and made it into the top :)
One was not quite large enough so I ended up using two of different patterns but I like the result.
here you can see the lopsidedness

There are just a few changes that I will make to this pattern when I make it out of my fashion fabric.

1. I will gather the top front before attaching it to the bottom part. It will make attaching it to the base harder, but I think it will make the gathers themselves look much nicer. Oh and ill use matching thread. I used bright in the muslin just so I could see it better.

maybe a half inch or so too low
2. I am considering shortening the bust section or maybe just gather it more. I'm not sure yet, but I know it sits a bit to low.

3. I will shorten the pattern. I put my hand on my natural waist for the photo. Because the shirt is so long it is quite tight around my hips and bottom

For the swimsuit version, I am considering getting rid of the back facing and just put that part into the bottom back. I will also need to figure out how to add bra cups. I pinned directions for how to do this, so I'll check that out closer to time.

So, next step...

I need to decide on a color scheme if all of these tops and bottoms are to be interchangeable.  I will need to do that before making the top out of fashion fabric, which will complete one beach wardrobe necessity, a halter top. Then I can move to figuring out the bottoms and making this swim wear.

Oh, the pattern said this is not suitable for stretchy fabrics. I have seen that other people have used them though, so what considerations do I need to take or should I just scrap this idea and go back to the Burda's Allison swimsuit pattern (that I picked up back when it was free)?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Beach bound (well not quite yet)

So, the groundhog did not see his shadow earlier this month which is supposed to mean an early spring. The weather, on the other hand, has not been very spring like so far.

However, since I am lacking in the spring and summer clothes, I thought that I had better get on the ball and get some warm weather outfits made so that I will have some good things to wear later this year. I started out by making a list of things that I think I will need for the year, but got quickly overwhelmed. I am having a hard time staying on a project to completion without getting burnt out, so I needed a smaller list to work with.

That lead me to thinking, what are the most important things that I will need. Well, since I work a fulltime job that requires a company logo shirt. I still have several skirts that are not really heavy that could be used in all seasons. That covers my work-wear. So that leaves weekends and vacation. I have a couple of tops that would be sufficient for weekends for now, so I decided to focus on vacation.

We are doing a week long family vacation at the beach and this year it is particularly early (first week of June). I am not sure how much I can get done by then, but I wanted to make a plan of what I would want to pack.

So here is my proposed packing list (clothing only and undergarments are assumed):

1 one-piece swimsuit

1 two piece swimsuit [I have something that will suffice if I don’t get to this]

2 one piece playsuits

1 Two-piece playsuit

3 tops (halter neck, sleeveless, short sleeve)

2-3 shorts/pants (Bermuda, short, pedal pushers) – that will match swimsuits, tops & playsuits

2 skirts – that will match swimsuits, tops & playsuits

2 sundresses

1 Hawaiian print sarong dress (nice enough in case I get to go out one evening with Hubby)

1 sweater for breezy morning strolls on beach [I already have]

Vintage Beach packing list

I don’t think that the whole list is really feasible for me, but I thought that I would get started on it anyway and accomplish as much as I can.

I have created a board on Pinterest for my inspiration and the patterns that I come up with. I am planning on doing a post for each item as I get around to thinking about them and making them.

But, I wanted to start with the bathing suit. I have decided on this inspiration photo. It isn’t vintage, but it does have a nice vintage feel to it and I think that is best right now for me at the beach because my hubby is still warming up to the idea of me wearing vintage stuff at the beach.


The place where I pinned it, doesn’t exist any longer, so I do not know if it is still available to purchase or not, but I don’t know that I don’t have the money to purchase it (I am going to be buying fabric with gift cards I got for Christmas).

So when looking for a pattern that I have that would be the closest match for it, I thought of this pattern which is a free pattern off of Burda for the top ( adding halter straps and a cute bow like in the second picture)

and either Burda's cheeky panties or the rosy lady shorts extended for the bottoms.
NOTE: All free patterns can be found on my free pattern board on Pinterest

 Since the afternoon tea top is a shirt pattern and I do need shirts as well, I thought that I might knock out two birds with this one stone (who is trying to kill birds, why are they using stones, and are there not enough that it matters you only use one?)

So, I am going to start with muslin in cotton the only changes that I am going to make are: cutting the darts (adding seam allowance) and add the halter straps.

From there I am going to check fit and whatnot, I will probably go ahead and make up a shirt, since I will have most of the kinks worked out of that pattern (hopefully). From there I will work on adding the front center seam in muslin (just not cutting the front pattern piece on the fold (but adding seam allowance). From there I will stop working on that and work on a pair of just the bottoms. Then after figuring out the fit on those, I will add length to the legs.

Lastly is the part of trying to figure out a pattern for all the pieces together and trying that out.

I see this as being a long journey ahead, but I am pretty excited to try it out and get back in the sewing saddle again. Wish me luck…
BTW- how far ahead of time do you start planning your sewing projects?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Giveaway Winner Announced

Drum roll please.....
Which means the winner is Tia. Who looks to like some of my favorites from the batch of patterns.
Congratulations! You don't have an email address listed in your profile so I am not sure how to contact you. Please contact me with you details so I can shop it out to you. I am going to give you a week and if you haven't contacted me, I am going to redraw. I think that is only fair.

Thank you for everyone who entered and Thanks for everyone who participated in sew grateful week, this really is a great community!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Butterick Patterns

I wrote a post last week or so ago about Vintage Vogue Patterns and how to send in pictures of ones that you have so that they can decide if they want to make reproduction patterns out of them.

So Laura over at Lilac's and Lace followed up with Carolyne at mccall's (and Vogue) to find out more details about why the pattern companies did not keep copies of all the patterns and more information about Butterick and if they needed the patterns for those in order to make reproduction patterns. You should really check out her post where she has the answer to all of her questions here.

From what Carolyne said, they do not need Vintage Butterick patterns because they just recreate the ones they want to off of the catalog pictures (which is why the walkaway dress pattern does not fit like the original I suppose). I would bet this is the same thing Simplicity does because their vintage new looks line have modern fits of old patterns (which they don't even list the originals on, what a shame).

Anyway, I am sharing some of my favorite Butterick designs, so that may be the word will get around and they might choose to make some of them. Besides, I just like showing them. So, here they are....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sew Grateful Week: Free patterns & tutorials

Okay, so I am definitely not the person to host a tutorial and I have not created any patterns that I can give you, but I decided to post a round up of some of the free patterns and tutorials that I have found on the web that I think you might like.

Free sewing patterns/tutorials to try:

1940s French Knickers (tap pants) - pattern plus tutorial

high waisted pencil skirt
Casey's sweater refashion (I think this is going to be my next project. To get back into the sewing swing)
50s shrug (sewing not knitting :)
The Audrey Dress
Adding a drape a waistline of sheath dress tutorial by Gertie

Knit/Crochet Tutorials:
Knit shrug

Striped Jumper

perky snood (I think this might be a good starting place for me, instead of trying to tackle a whole sweater on my first go, what do you think..any veteran knit/crocheters out there?)

Cherry brooch

Other tutorials:

 Figure 8 hat tutorial

Clay bangles

I have a ton of free knitting/crochet/sewing/other patterns and tutorials pinned to Pinterest, if you would like to check out my boards

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Grateful Giveaway! Now Closed

I know I am a day late, but better late than never I always say (probably because I am always late).

Anyway, I wanted to post one picture first, to prove that I do actually do my hair and makeup sometimes hehe. I can't believe I posted those pictures the other day without makeup and hair done.
See, it is even curled (actually this is second day hair).
Anyway, why you all came. The giveaway. It is only open to the US. I know, I am sorry, but it is really expensive to ship oversees and it can't be tracked and makes me all nervious, I found that out in my last giveaway.

The prizes.... well vintage patterns, since I still have some in my stash (yea, never ebay-ed them, oops). But at least all the pictures are right side up this time (which was a huge effort for the first picture, why does blogger mess witht he picture orientation?)

 I think I will do the same thing with letting you choose up to 5. I tried to have a little variety for everyone.

Ways to enter... (all links to social media are on the right side bar)
1. Just comment on which patterns you would choose (don't worry about pattern numbers if not in picture - sorry about that. If you will win, I will contact you for the exact patterns desired)
2. Check out some old posts to see if you might be interested in following (following not required). Comment on what you would like to see more of (sewing I know lol)
3. Follow me on twitter (I generally post about giveaways and good things). Comment back her that you did. OR tweet about this giveaway on twitter (with a link back to here). Comment with a link to the tweet
4. Like a series of vintage sewing attempts on facebook. Comment saying you did.
5. Check out my pinterest boards (I am putting this last because you might get lost after this one). Comment with your screen name if you are on pinterest and what types of things you like to pin (sewing, vintage inspired, home making, etc)

I'll randomly choose ONE winner. The giveaway is now closed.

One more restriction... If you choose a vogue or mccalls pattern (besides the transfers) please send a picture to vintage vogue  (see my last post ) to see if they might want to make a reproduction pattern from it. And scan it if they decide they want to.