Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homemade holiday plans

So, I have not finished the project I was working on, so no update on it. I have decided to put off finishing it until after I finish the Christmas gifts that I am making. I am not talented enough yet to make too many gifts, but I do have a few lined up to make, some of which I can't post on here until after the holidays (so they will remain a surprise for the recipients). Most of the gift items are not vintage, so I will not bore you with them, though I will show you one of my plans because I have a few questions about it.


I love this skirt. I love the book and had one for my daughter though I do believe it might have gotten torn when she read it by herself when she was really little.

I was thinking though that I would like to :
1. Make one for each of my little ones (two girls and one boy)
2. Make it something that they can keep forever if they choose to

So, I was thinking of perhaps doing it on a pillow case instead of a skirt, the skirt is really cute, but they will grow out of it quickly.

Since I was considering them keeping it for a long time, I was thinking that I should embroider the whole thing instead of the iron on lettering. The idea is to get a washable marker to write on the words and then to embroider them.

That leaves a few things hanging though. First off, I have no idea how long it will take to complete this project. Secondly, I don't have a very good idea for my little boy version of this.

I will be travelling for work for a week without the kids, so that gives me evenings of that week to complete the project (if it doesn't take longer than that). I don't think travelling with an embroidery hoop and needle will be a problem, though I have been warned against travelling with a sewing machine and knitting needles which are needed for some of my other Christmas projects. (How are those of you that sew on vacation or when travelling accomplish that?)

I thought that maybe a airplane theme might be okay for a boy, but it seems pretty "babyish" and my son is 5. Any good boy ideas that will work with the lines?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad Blogger

Again I have very little to update. I need to kick it into gear if I expect to ever have a wearable vintage wardrobe. But, money and time have both been tight at the moment. I sure hope I get things back on track.

While waiting, I found this great article about starting a vintage wardrobe that I would like to share with you.