Thursday, May 31, 2012

Short update post. Hopefully more tomorrow

So, I got my dress form today! Yay!

First I brushed her with a cleaning brush because she had been neglected in someone's basement for a long time.
Can you see the ring around the neck after I took the foil off. Yuck! She also had a few holes and pinches, but I think she is good.

Next thing I did was measure her. She was set smaller than me, surprise, so I had to adjust her (as expected).
Her innards were all rusty and some of Wingnuts were too tight for me to get loose. So, I take her completely apart. I didn't bother piling her bolts or anything while apart though. I just put her back together.

I measured her bust, waist, and hip and made them match mine. She still isn't shaped like me. For one, her boobs are higher. The darts on the top I have been seeing are in the middle of her boob instead of above it like mine.

And how is it that the dart on the right is lower than the dart on the left, but they still both look like they are in the middle of the breast ( and above mine).

I didn't se a boob lowering adjustment just widening. I see that the above and below bust size are bigger than mine in order to get the bust size right, so I think I might need to get those right and stuff her bra. Will that fix the fact that they are so high, I don't have a clue. Hmm... I'll keep tinkering with it.

I wish the lighting was better in here so I could take pictures. I tried to with my phone an they turned out black though it isn't that dark. Who knows.

When I publish with the blogger iPhone app it puts all the photos at the end, is there anyway to avoid that (well besides posting via the web)? I fixed it today. Sorry for anyone who saw this post last night when I wrote it.

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