Friday, May 25, 2012

Fit issues & basically I don't know what I am doing

Okay, so I am finally ready to post some pictures of the sorbetto I made. Mind you was only suppose to be a muslin (out of my high school graduation gown lol). The problem is I never really have sewn a muslin and after reading a bit, I realize I was suppose to only bast in the stitches. Oh well, I really wanted to learn how to do French seams so I am glad I tried it out on a this instead of an actual garment.

Ok, so the first problem was when I washed it (I just washed/dried it as normal, nothing special - it is made out of 100% polyester), it well... I'll just show a picture.

I'm not sure how I should avoid this. I did pink the edge after cutting before sewing the bias on. And when I unpick some of the seams, will they all do this making it hard to reuse this muslin for another go around?
Next issue, I was having slight problems with sewing straight, yes I have the most basic sewing problems.
I was holding the fabric pretty tight on accident because I was concentrating on trying to get the line straight. Here is the resulting mess.

But that is easily solved. Don't pull tight.

The other issue is : fit, or more specifically it doesn't fit LOL. The easiest to spot is that the darts are too high (and too long?)

I guess I will need to unpick the sides and darts and lower them, but should I mark where they should be with a marking pen while it is on, or will that point be wrong once the dart is taken out? If that is the case, how do I know how much it should be lowered? And the side was cut a little different where the dart was, that means it will be even smaller when I see it up again (this time I won't do French seams though until I am happy with it).

Also, it is really really tight. That might be due me gaining weight since taking my measurements. Oops. I have started an exercise program (p90x) and have successfully finished week 1. But it is hard to get on just as a pull over without buttons or anything.

Another issue and this sounds really stupid, but I don't know fit well enough to really judge, anyone have any good articles on how garments are suppose to fit LOL.

Here are my ideas of problem areas.The arm hole too small? How about the neck, do the straps seem too far on my shoulders to you? Wait, I forgot to take a picture of that. Oh well.


  1. You are making progress. I would defiitely shorted the darts, and also lower them. Yes, you can just make the mark of where you want them to be on the muslin and make the change.

    It looks like you are already following Sunnie of A Fashionable Stitch, but she does have a tuorial on moving a dart. Her tutorial is moving a vertical one to a horizontal dart, but the same ideas still applies.

    From what I can see, the shoulders seem to fit fine. For the armholes, if you are uncomfortable they are too small, taking a small amount out (say 1/4 - 1/2 inch) can make a big difference.

    For the rest being too small, I used to have the same problem when doing french seams. My presser foot is 3/8" wide (most are 1/4") and I was using it as a guide assuming it was 1/4" This resulted in my seam allowances being 7/8" once both seams were sewn. Assuming a patter with only two piences and 4 edges, this reduced the width of my garment by 1" - which makes a huge difference. Double check your pressure foot width, or the guide you are using when sewing french seams.

    1. Thanks so much. I knew I had read about moving a dart (but it was before I was actually thinking of attempting it) and I couldn't remember on which blog I read it (a sign that I have begun to read too many) :)

      Good tip on the french seams, I will definately check that when I get home.

  2. Why don't you use Bloglovin to follow blogs they have a "favourite" section, that way you can save tutorials and go back to them.

    1. blogger allows you to "star" things which I use when I read blogs via my phone and want to make sure to pin something to pinterest. I generally pin tutorials to pinterest, but I somehow missed that one.

  3. It's actually a "like" section. You click on like and it saves it in the "like" section. I only noticed this a couple of weeks back. May be a new feature but very useful in any event.