Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick what I found thrifting post

I was talking to my friend about finishing my sorbetto (which I washed and I plan on posting pictures of). She told me that she was planning on making a dress for me (and one for each of her granddaughters) from a pattern that she bought at goodwill. She showed me the pattern and I asked her if she got it at the local goodwill by her house and she confirmed she did. She showed me a stack of patterns that she found and a couple of them were 1960s patterns! I decided that I needed to start taking weekly trips to just browse goodwill for patterns (she told me where in the store she found them).

So I went today for the first time and I saw this...

It was full of patterns in taped up manila envelopes. Almost all the patterns were 1970s. I resisted buying them all and selling them on etsy/ebay because that would mean more clutter at my house and we are on a mission to declutter the house at the moment.

I did get one gem though.

I am amazed. I hear how all of you find these great treasures at thrift stores and I think to myself "that only happens in Florida (when an older person dies) or in California or wherever, not where I live" because I have been told (by people who clean out and get rid of stuff in houses like that in this area) that Goodwill does not accept "vintage-looking" or "outdated" clothing. Apparently they accept vintage patterns though. I also saw several cross stitch patterns (even ones that came with the floss) when I was there.

So, it does happen.


  1. Neat find. Those will make some great pants. I haven't had a lot of luck finding patterns at thrift shops - only one time. But I have had luck at antique shops (reasonably priced too) and even a garage sale!

  2. those are SO cute!!! I have been wanting to make a pair of pants like that for myself for a while. They are perfect for summer! x

  3. Nice! I've not had such good luck at Goodwill for sewing supplies or patterns, just clothes mainly. Great find - it's a darling pattern.

  4. Umm that sewing pattern is kind of amazing! Nice find!

  5. That's a cute pattern!

    I sometimes find patterns, but find that I need to go back to thrift stores really frequently to get the best stuff.