Friday, September 19, 2014

Wardrobe Needs Break Down

I thought that since I am not getting too much down in the sewing department, that I need to maximize my efforts by looking at the things that get worn the most. That way I would be wearing clothes I was happy with more often.

Being the OCD curious person I am, that lead to some mathematics. Did that word scare you off? Don't worry I am not going to share how I calculated the values (too much), but I am going to show you a pretty graph.

Okay, so I currently do not work out that much, but that is what I would hope to start working out soon. Not too extreme, just 1 hour/ 3 days a week. It would be more than I work out now (at times none - though in January I work out probably 7 hours a week lol). I can always go back and change it if circumstances change.

So, The three categories that stand out are work, sleeping and lounging at home (not necessarily just lounging though, cooking dinner, doing homework with kids, sewing, etc. is all lumped in that).
I have been working on my work wardrobe the most because I supposed that is where all my time was spent, I was surprised that I actually spent nearly as much lounging at home. Also, I had pretty much ignored my sleeping clothes (not to mention the under garments that are required in almost all categories). 

Finding this out,  I started a new board on Pinterest for loungewear. I have been pinning things that I think would be comfortable and practical for me to wear on the couch watching tv (with my legs up - no skirts) with hubby as well as playing board games and doing homework with the kids. Most of them are suppose to be PJs, but I am planning on going a different direction with that.
Here are some of my loungewear inspirations:

I wish I could just buy the Abrey PJ set from Maddy James (as well as the rest of her line), but it just isn't in the cards for me right now :(
same with the Rita siren suit from Betty Blues 

So the plan is for a top to use the free Vera Venus pattern that I have been wanting to do for so long. Luckily it is already in my size.

I will also need a matching pant. Here are two free options that I found:
Free tutorial

This free pattern would need to be lengthened, but I like the wideness of them
I am not sure about what fabric to make it up in though (Vera Venus pattern states Best with soft woven fabrics with a nice hang on the bias: ie. silky synthetics, silks, rayons and very soft cottons.) 

I love the look of those silky satiny fabrics (like the first pic), but I am not sure I am for all of that slippery fabric both sewing wise and wearing wise. I have one set of pjs made in satin and I never wear them because I always feel like they are falling off either my shoulder or otherwise (and they are most of the time). What fabric would you suggest to look and feel nice, but also machine washable (a must!)?

For night wear I would like to go with night gowns and perhaps some french knickers (not sure of a top to go with them).

For a start I am thinking of this free Vera Venus slip pattern as a night gown. 

As for the work clothes, I am going to still work on those a lot, but that will be another post.

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  1. That is seriously cool! Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful pie chart and a breakdown of what you're currently wearing. By sheer virtue of the fact that my health so often keeps me home/on bed rest, I sport a lot of loungewear as well. Some vintage (nighties, bed jackets, 50s PJs, etc), some modern. I'd love to add a Wren Suit to my closet one day. They're absolutely gorgeous and made from velvet, one of my fave fabrics, to boot.

    This was a really fun post, Brandy, thanks again for sharing it with us!

    ♥ Jessica