Friday, November 15, 2013

What inspired my vintage journey...

Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments is hosting a great giveaway. Here is a picture of the goodies (make sure to check it out)

I don't normally post on my blog about other bloggers giveaways because I don't write on my blog often and I do not want it to turn into a list of giveaways. But I do post frequently about giveaways on my facebook and twitter. The reason I am posting about this one is because she asked an interesting question... What ten items inspire your vintage journey. I thought the question was a good one and I would like to see what other people have to say about it and it has been a whole since I posted, so I thought why not? So here it is.

1. Bloggers. If you read my blog, it will probably not surprise you to know that I am a working mother (of 3 young kids). I do not get out much (well besides work), so I do not get time to spend with adults very often and hardly any (if any) that have similar interests as me. This is where the blog world comes in. I read a ton of blogs. It is slightly sad, but it makes me feel like there is someone out there that I can talk to. I can ask about a sewing issue that I have had problems with or opinions on shortening a vintage skirt. I can see what other people are wearing, where they are finding things, and how they are making/altering things. My vintage journey was only and idea/dream until I found the vintage and sewing bloggerverse. Now it has become a reality. You have really inspired me.
As I said I follow a ton of blogs, but I wanted to give a few a shout out (I am sorry that I can not post all of them, but it would really take a whole post).

 They might not all have the exact same aesthetic as me, but they all seem so authentic to who they are and I really love that. BTW, Jessica from Chronically Vintage wrote a great post on that the other day and you should check it out too. 

Ok, that was 10 am I done yet? Oh it wasn't suppose to be 10 bloggers, hm.....

2. Pinterest - If you have checked out my pinterest, you have probably seen that I am really inspired by things posted there. At the time of this posting I have 151 Boards and 6879 pins LOL. Now not all of them are vintage (luckily you can follow someone and unfollow boards, you don't care for like my kids learning techniques), but a vast number of them are. There is just so much there and it is so easy. I check it out in spare moments that I do not have enough time to go somewhere, do something, or even talk to someone. I just look on my phone while waiting in line, while heating something in the microwave, etc. 

Well, that's it. Bloggers and Pinterest those are my two links to the outside world. I was suppose to have 10? Well, I guess I will have to dig into those categories some then...

3. Actual vintage clothing. Looking at styles, details, colors, it all inspires me. So hard to only pick a few images (and I didn't want to spend too much time). These can all be found on my pinterest boards along with so so so much more.

 3. Vintage Catalogs/Magazines ( again all images for the rest of the post are from my pinterest, go there to find original links ..sorry)

4. Vintage Patterns 

5.  Vintage photos non- celebrity (please excuse if I accidentally got a celebrity shot unknowingly)
6. Vintage celebrity photos
7. Vintage blogger outfits (and other modern ladies wearing vintage). I posted some of my favorites in number 1 with some of my favorite bloggers, but here is a few more...

8. Vintage inspired sewing creations by talented bloggers and others (I'll try to expand beyond the bloggers already listed in #1)

9. Movies/ tv shows (modern and vintage)
10. lastly vintage inspired Sewing patterns and ready to wear (not as proud of this one, but its true)

So there you have it 10 things that inspire me in my vintage journey. That was an extremely picture heavy post. Hope you don't mind. So, what inspires you?


  1. I can totally relate to limited adult interactions outside of work. Having kids can definitely make your day feel child-centric. I have found the same connection via vintage blogs as you! It's so wonderful to be able to talk with people or get advice from people that understand what you're talking about and don't judge you because you prefer a full swing skirt or your hair won't go easily into victory rolls. For all of the negativity that is blamed on the internet, there are also so many wonderful connections that can be made!

    Hellcat Vintage

  2. Sweet Brandy, how on earth did I miss this post before? I'm very sorry. It went live shortly after my old laptop bit the dust once and for all and before the new on arrived, so that must be the reason.

    Thank you deeply for including me as one of your sources of inspiration. I'm incredibly touched.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Watching 'Peggy Sue Got Married' never fails to kick start my vintage journey. I never tire watching it. We just hosted a 1950's theme party last Saturday, another great motivator. : ) Great blog, Brandy.