Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall for Cotton Fail

So, here is my Fall For Cotton project... I know I didn't announce that I was doing it, just because I thought that it might not happen. you know how long it takes me to get around to making things completely. But I did finish so I am posting, even though it was a fail. 

 I didn't iron it before taking photos, which is always a good idea. I also didn't prep the area where I was taking photos, another great idea. Oh well.
Ignore the boxes all over the floor of my closet (I am still working on switching summer/fall clothes, the weather is just messing with me and we need both sweaters and shorts).

I used Simplicity 1880 which I made my yellow shirt waist dress from earlier this year using A Fashionable Stitch's sew along.
I used a blue/white cotton seersucker I picked up on sale at Joann's. Yea, not too fall like huh? I didn't think of that at the time obviously.

I thought things were going to go great with this project since, I had already made it before. So I decided to step up my game and play with my seam finishing. I did bias bound seams which I think look great.

The only problem is since I bias bound all of my seams before realizing there were some really big issues with my dress, I didn't want to unpick them to fix the problems. So I decided that this is going to be my first housedress (I did wear it out once, just because I was so happy to have finished it).

Anyway, I might as well show you what I messed up. I have no excuses for any of these mistakes, I guess I was just hurried or distracted with the kids or who knows..

First off I used the pattern's button guide instead of as directed in the sew along. I don't know what I was thinking! So there is no button in between my bust, which makes it pull slightly (The dressform is not set to my size in the pictures so this looks loose, but it is actually quite fitted). This wouldn't be such a big deal if I had not made my dress out of seersucker where it has these tiny stripes and you can see it bow out slightly between the top two buttons.

Also, I aligned the center of the skirt with the button placket instead of the center line of the buttons, Oops. 

Then there are the sleeves. I didn't have sleeves in the yellow dress or anything else I have ever made, so this was a first for me. I thought I was doing good sewing them all together and I looked at each one and they looked "okay". The first one was a bit poofier a the top (which I liked better), but no big deal right?

Wrong! Apparently that made a big difference because the sleeves look different lengths.

I set them on top of each other to compare, they are exactly the same size, the holes that they are in are the same size. So why on earth does the one look so much bigger? I took it out and tried again, and it is just a fail. 

I did say I needed dresses to wear around the house to clean and lounge around in.

Once I decided that I went ahead and added the pocket, because how could I clean without a pocket. Well wearing an apron with a pocket would have worked, but I didn't think of that. Must make an apron now.

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  1. I am much the same way too when it comes to projects, and usually the bigger they are, the less likely I am to say a word until they're finished or very nearly so (my husband is the total opposite, but for me I find the motivation of the fun secret I have really spurs me on to reaching my goal).

    This dress is so timelessly lovely! Wonderful job on it! I think it feels like fall - at least Canadian fall, which often includes plenty of snow and soft blue-grey skies.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you deeply for your tremendously nice comment on my blog post today, honey. It is so very humbling and touching to know that I help inspire you. ♥