Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beach trip (suitcase view)

I think my last post was about what I wanted to sew for my beach trip. Well, the beach trip has now come and gone and this is what actually make it into my suitcase....

Oh and 2 bathing suits which I didn't save a picture of (and luckily my hubby hasn't posted any pictures on facebook). 

There were 9 pieces of clothing which could be used to make a dozen outfits:

The most versatile piece that I brought was the yellow shirtwaist dress that I finally finished from a fashionable stitch's shirt dress sew-along!

The first day I wore the yellow shirtwaist with the sailboat skirt (and forgot to take a picture because we left so early).

I also wore the shirtwaist dress by itself (I took this picture before accessorizing for some reason)

And I wore it with the circle skirt (I made during Casey's sew-along) over top of it (which is my favorite way ).

I also wore the circle skirt with the afternoon tea halter top (that I talked about a couple posts ago).

The halter also matches the sailboat skirt (which I made into an a-line from a vintage gathered skirt and does not have the yellow coloring in it that I thought it did. It is still really cute though), though the colors don't quite look like it in the pictures.

The white sorbetto (that I posted about making earlier) could have been worn with any of the skirts/shorts as well.

I wore the sorbetto and the pink linen pants to hang around in the beach house, it was very comfortable. The pants are vintage, though they are newer that usually my style. I really like them though they have an elastic waist which I do not love. Is there anyway to edit those to not have the elastic (add a zipper and waistband)? 

So, I didn't get all of the sewing done that I had hoped to, but I kind of expected that. I would have really loved to have replaced that jean shorts outfit with a cute 2 piece play suit that could possibly have mixed and matched with the other pieces. And I would have loved to have made two vintage inspired swimsuits (one of mine is vintage inspired, but the fit isn't too good). But, I am pleased with what I did accomplish and wear.

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  1. Ok, how on earth did I miss this wonderful beach wardrobe post earlier in the season? I must check to make sure my feedreader is linking to your blog properly now. All of the pieces here are so charming - I especially love the circle skirt paired with a classic halter. I don't doubt for the tiniest of moments that you were the most stylish gal on the beach in such beautiful ensembles.

    ♥ Jessica