Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Butterick Patterns

I wrote a post last week or so ago about Vintage Vogue Patterns and how to send in pictures of ones that you have so that they can decide if they want to make reproduction patterns out of them.

So Laura over at Lilac's and Lace followed up with Carolyne at mccall's (and Vogue) to find out more details about why the pattern companies did not keep copies of all the patterns and more information about Butterick and if they needed the patterns for those in order to make reproduction patterns. You should really check out her post where she has the answer to all of her questions here.

From what Carolyne said, they do not need Vintage Butterick patterns because they just recreate the ones they want to off of the catalog pictures (which is why the walkaway dress pattern does not fit like the original I suppose). I would bet this is the same thing Simplicity does because their vintage new looks line have modern fits of old patterns (which they don't even list the originals on, what a shame).

Anyway, I am sharing some of my favorite Butterick designs, so that may be the word will get around and they might choose to make some of them. Besides, I just like showing them. So, here they are....

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