Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beachy color scheme (and ripping off other people's ideas)

I have decide on a color scheme for my beach projects. Not everything I will pack will have to fall into this scheme. It is mostly for the separates to make sure that everything is interchangeable as much as possible.
Well here it is.
I mostly started with the skirts that I already have since I knew what it would look like and then went with what colors would go well with them.

So here are the two skirts I have to start with that the color scheme is based on...

The circle skirt I made as part of Casey's circle skirt sew along. I think I am going to bind the bottom (or at least re-hem), but besides that it is done.

The sailboat skirt that I still do not have a picture of and am substituting a photo of my finished inspiration.

My mother got mine for me at an estate sale mixed into a sewing fabric stash basket. Yes my mother is an enabler in my ever growing fabric stash LOL. It needs shortened (it is ankle length), but I don't want to lose the border print which is what I love most about the skirt.

The other bottoms will include three shorts (playsuit bottoms, Bermuda, and capris/pedal pushers - I never did figure out which length refers to which. I am looking for right below the knee)

So the tops that need to match are

- swimsuit (which seams to be the most difficult to find fabric for).

- 3 tops (halter neck, sleeveless, short sleeve)

- playsuit top

They don't all have to match each one, but I would like each piece to at the very least go with two pieces.

A more organized and less hurried person would sit down and plan each piece out before even starting to sew. I am just too excited and I want to get sewing while I am still on a roll. So I am going to go ahead and make this first top.

Since I only know two skirt fabrics so far, I am going to make my top work with both skirts.

So I am thinking yellow. I am not sure if that is because I love yellow so much and tend to lean towards yellow tops, or because I really like how well this person did on their version of this same pattern...

I also like the mint green little bow. Hm... thinking of just copying this completely. I think there might be some blogger etiquette that you are not suppose to just rip someone else's idea off....
I do live in WV and no one will likely ever see/know the both of us....
And I put a link back to where I got it from....
What do you think still no good?


  1. I think it is the highest form of flattery when you copy someone's inspiration for your own! And as you said- you DID share where you got it. :) So I say go for it- it is an adorable little top! -Laurie

  2. That colour palette is really dreamy, warm, inviting and beautiful. It's a bit like what I imagine a mermaid's closet would look like, if mermaids had need of clothes, that is. :)

    Thank you deeply for your immensely sweet blog comment this morning, honey. It's interesting to hear someone from the States say that Target hasn't really been the be all to end all for them. What are some of your favourite American chains instead? (Chances are we won't have them here, but it's always great to know where to head if I happen to be in the States).

    ♥ Jessica