Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Blues or Smitten with warm layers?

It seems that many bloggers seem to have the winter blues. I don't. I didn't start dresssing vintage full time until this past fall and there was a reason for that. I love wool clothing and layering.
I love wearing layers, the look of layers on myself, and the look of layers on my hubby (whom I have no pictures for this post), but I will post a few great guy layers from my pinterest.

Now how could one not love that? I guess I just like cold weather (driving in the snow, not so much). In winter, you can always just add on more layers, in the heat of summer; however, you can only take off so much.

Today was suppose to be rather cold (compared to yesterday's freakishly warm weather), so I thought that I would bundle up. It turned out to only be about 34degrees (Farenhett), but I did take some pictures of my outfit this morning after arriving at work. Please excuse the wonky photos. I still have yet to figure out how to take photos of myself.
So this is my outer layer, I planned to do my hair and makeup once I arrived at work. This is pre-hair makeup. Yeah, pretty scary :)

Here is the bottom (I couldn't hold my phone out far enough away for a full body shot)
The coat is a olive wool coat that isn't too heavy (I will break out the heavier coat later this week if the weather goes as predicted). I got it at Gabriel Brothers, so it isn't perfect (the darts are going the wrong direction and the fit is not great on the bottom), but I needed something to wear that was heavier than a heavy cardigan and lighter than my heavy coat (I still need another inbetween weight coat) and this fit the bill.
The gloves and hat were a gift from my sister in law. I am thinking of adding some embrodiery to the gloves just to give them a little something special.
The skirt is a grey wool tweed which is lined, I got it off of eBay and I love it. It is loose enough that I can wear extra layers under when the weather gets really bad.
This is what was under the coat. The cardigan is an angora/wool blend vintage that I picked up at an estate sale.
The red sweater is a short sleeve company logo sweater. I don't normally wear red, but in this outfit there needed a pop of color and I have to wear company logo tops to work.
The white turtle neck underneith is also short sleeve. It is vintage 80s (yeah, that just feels weird to say) and I picked it up at a thrift store. It has really cute buttons up the back of the neck which can been seen when my hair is pulled up. I think it makes a perfect under layer. I do not particularly like long sleeved under layers, but it is whatever works for you.
And this is what is under my skirt. The white is my slip, which is pretty important when wearing layers of wool, it really helps witht he static.
The grey layer are medium weight cotton tights. I tend to wear tights instead of stockings in winter, because I don't like my under layers to be too constricting and my girdles are a little tighter than they should be right now.
The black layer is over the knee socks, which because I am short, fit about the same height as stockings.
Both the tights and stockigns came from Gabriel Brothers. This post is making seem like I shop there more than I do.
This is a typical work wear outfit for me in the winter. I might remember and get pictures of a heavier layered outfit as the weather worsens this week.
Do you love cooler weather or warmer weather? Someone posted on thier blog that vintage clothes makes them think of warm weather with light weight dresses and playsuits, is this the case for you or do you have a fine time dressing in vintage layers like me? What are some of your favorite winter layers (I think I am needing a wool under skirt in case of extreme cold)?
Well, that is all I have. Layer up and stay warm and remember that spring may be just around the corner (which is terrible for me because I have very few warm weather clothes, more of that in a future post).

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