Thursday, December 13, 2012

My vintage wearing process & giveaway winner

I want to announce the winner of the vintage pattern giveaway and I would like to update everyone on my wardrobe progress. I did start this blog to document my progress of sewing a wardrobe that fit and felt good to wear.

While I haven't had very many sewing adventures (and even less successful), I have been obtaining vintage clothing that does fit and flatter ( in my opinion). So much so that I now wear vintage everyday (well everyday I leave the house).

So how did I go from owning no vintage and vintage inspired clothes to now wearing vintage everyday?
(And I have no pictures of me at all. Which is why i have been reluctant to write blog posts. I am so sorry for this long and picture lacking post)

Well, I bought a nice vintage dress for my company's Christmas party while I was in Florida on business (there were quite a few vintage shops in St.Petersburg were I was at). It was on sale and was more of a splurge than I had expected, but I was happy with it.

At the Christmas party I met the wife of a then coworker and she runs estate sales. I went to one even though I knew I didn't have very much money and didn't expect that much because the pictures didn't show that much clothing.
However, my money went really far because the clothing was really inexpensive (some as low at $.50) and on the last day everything was half price.
The clothes were not perfectly my style. They were mostly 70s (the older stuff I did get was too large for me, but I hope to alter), but the skirts had a 40s kind of style to them even though they are a-line and have elastic in the back. I did get some pussybow blouses, though I don't get to wear them very often because I have to wear company logo shirts to work.
I started wearing these to work and them the transformation began. I really liked wearing skirts and though they were not perfect (wearing a belt, even without belt loops, takes away from the elastic look), I started feeling a lot better not having to force myself into jeans every morning.
Then I started to slowly add vintage pieces to my wardrobe that were actual 40s-50s pieces. Some from another estate sale, but most from eBay. I couldn't afford to do it all at once, but a low priced skirt every once in a while wasn't too bad.

I am now at the point where I have started to phase the 70s skirts out of my wardrobe and am beginning to only wear the older stuff.
My wardrobe is still lacking in some areas though.

Belts: I attempted buying a belt off eBay and while it is cute and labeled vintage (though it was vintage inspired), I am not digging that it is made in the Far East. I am currently looking for American made belts at thrift shops and things, but haven't had much luck yet. Two of my skirts came with belts, but I accidentally have ruined one by wearing it too tight (apparently I am smaller in the morning and grow throughout the day).

Shoes. I have bought a few pair of shoes on etsy and eBay, but none of them have fit very well (though I do still wear them occasionally).
(I just got these so crossing fingers)

For me, I think I am just going to have to buy shoes in person. I screwed that up once too though. I was at that same vintage shop where I bought my first dress and I saw a lovely pair of crocodile shoes in a case and asked to try them on. The lady handed me one, I looked at it (it was a little worn, but in mostly good shape). It had a dry rotted insole piece added, but it fit pretty well. I spent more than I have ever spent for anything vintage, but was feeling good because I sold a bunch of vintage pieces I wasn't interested in (at extremely low profit to a vintage store).
I got home and was showing them to hubby when I realized that the other shoe, not the one she handed me in the store, was in pretty sad shape. It had been repaired several times and the skin was starting to break off ;(
I have been pleased with some modern shoes that I have, but again I would prefer some nice American made shoes.

Dresses, well dresses tend to be more expensive then just skirts and blouses, so I haven't committed to many of those. Actually I have only bought one vintage dress and while it is lovely, it doesn't fit. I am trying to decide if I should alter it.
 I do have quite a few dress patterns, so I am hoping to make a few.

Loungewear: I have some nightgowns, but I need something to fill the gap from when I get home till I get ready for bed. I can't wear my day stuff because I will be cooking and cleaning. I just can't see getting my vintage stuff dirty like that even house dresses are expensive most of the time. I do have one "old lady dress" as my father in law calls it. It is more of a smock than a true dress, but I think it would protect my clothing a bit more than one of those cute aprons.

Another activity I don't have vintage clothes for... Working out. Admittedly I haven't done much of that lately, but I'd like to get back into it. I don't generally leave the house in workout clothes, but I'd still like to look cute and I'd like to feel like I could go to a gym in the clothes if I wanted to. I have some ideas (and a Pinterest board) for making some, but am unsure of working with those types of materials. I figure I will get there eventually.

Well there you go, that's my story.

Now for what you have been waiting for, the winner of the vintage patterns of her choice....
Gia of One Perfect Day. I have already shipped out her selections.

The other patterns I said I would do on ebay, but I am considering opening an etsy shop to get rid of some of my vintage things because I won't have to keep relisting each week and such. I don't know anything about running an etsy shop, but I am going to look into it. I will keep you updated.

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  1. Wow that dress is rockin'! Also, those skirts are beautiful. I need one of those bad boys in my life right now!