Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Uninspired for summer

I have been a bit uninspired lately.

I like warm weather and love sundresses

I also love playsuits and beachwear! 

The girl with a star-spangled heart is doing a playsuit sew-a-long and I got a pattern and bought fabric. Then before I even cut the fabric, I remembered that I do not get the chance to wear playsuits very often. Occasionally on Saturdays I leave the house and go out. But I spend a lot of time in the summer in the woods with my family and though playsuits are cute, I worry about getting them too dirty.

Dresses are great for church on Sundays and I do plan on making some really soon, I have fabric and patterns picked out for that.

The problem is five days of the week I am at work. At work I have to wear a company shirt and am not allowed to wear shorts.

I do pretty good in the cooler months because I love to layer with cardigans, stockings/tights, over the knee socks, scarves, & accessories. In the summer it is just way too hot to layer.

So that leaves me with only the option os skirts and capris. Not only that, but the company logo shirts come in really bold colors that I really do not know what to do with besides black/dark grey which I am really bored with.

 I am just struggling trying to figure out what to make in order to go with my company shirts.

So this is where you come in.... Can you help?

Here are some that I struggle with: (the colors are much brighter than the pictures show)

These ones are not as bright, but I still haven't worked out what they will go with:


  1. I get the feeling you can't use prints, but that would be a great way to jazz up those boring business ensembles. I loathe uniforms... they strip us of our individuality and make us feel like we're some expendable piece of a bigger organism...there's a reason prisoners wear uniforms. Anyways, skirts don't have to be boring there are plenty of fun flirty designs out there in vintage fashion or modern, but I suppose it depends on what they allow at your work. The same can be said for accessorizing and how you wear your clothing. Like I would tuck my blouse in and wear a skirt that cuts at the waist (like a cute circle or waterfall skirt). I would also probably wear a white tank/cami underneath and unbutton my blouse to reveal some contrast. Then again, I'm the woman who purposely sewed her uniform tighter so her co-workers would be jealous. I'm something of a rule breaker, forever pushing my boundaries.

    Right now I'm an unemployed graduate and I work for myself making art. I'm excited to tackle a 1950's capri pants pattern because it looks so kitschy and vintage and I'll be making some summer dresses too. Even if I end up with an office job, I'll still wear these items outside of work, because it will give me something to look forward to. I say, even if you get them dirty, the playsuits are worth making. ;)

  2. I actually can wear prints. The two skirts that are in regular rotation are prints, one is a large all over print, the other is a border print. Those work really great with the single matching shirt each they have (yellow and black which are not shown above because I have something to go with them).

    I am just having a hard time because the shirts are so bright and they feel more like fall colors to me for some reason.
    I have found a small print sort of like a feedsack print that might work with the purple dress. Do you think that a full skirt out of such a small print would be okay? I am not really certain how I feel about it. Perhaps a pair of capris out of that fabric.
    The green, fuchsia, and khaki are the worst colors for me. I have tried to wear khaki with brown and I end up looking like a forest ranger (ok for out in the woods, not so good for sitting in front of a computer all day). I do have grey and black skirts that go with them that are okay, I think I just am getting tired of the minimal wardrobe options that I have been wearing for years now.

  3. That is a bit of a pickle for sure, but not one that we can't do something about. Brown, navy, taupe, camel, true and blue based reds, pine green, eggplant, and teal all strike me as colours that would each go with one or more (all, in the case of navy) with the hues you highlighted here. I'm not sure how much you're allowed to accessorize, but could you add additional zing to your looks with belts, scarves, jewelry and shoes in complementary or matching colours to further play down the work uniform-ness of the shirts?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks. I do need to work on accessorizing. I am not allowed to wear scarves, hats, or much in my hair, but besides that it is pretty open.