Sunday, September 23, 2012

A coat of a different color

I actually listed one of my ebay items (others should start being listed more quickly now).
I am going back on what I said (not to post about any of them), but only because this one has to do with my next big sewing adventure.

See I bought this coat off of ebay and it is indeed very lovely. It is heavy warm and i love how the mink gives it a feminine elegance. But alas, it doesn't even close to fit. I have been keeping it for years now thinking that I would get profecient enough at sewing one day that I would be comfortable taking it in. I also thought of just taking it to the talor and having them take it in. However, the coat just seems so well made and lovely the way it is. Plus I keep reading about people not being able to find larger vintage clothes. so I have decided to part with it and free up the space that it claims in my closet.

In that reclaimed space, I would like to replace it with just as lovely a coat because I don't have a vintage coat or even a coat that goes at all with my vintage wardrobe. So, in an effort to be able to wear vintage everyday I will need a coat in order to be prepared for the colder winter my collegies tell me is coming this year.

In comes Gertie's coat sew-along. It only calls for medium weight fabric, but I think it will fill the void nicely. I am worried that I don't have all of the sewing skills needed to make it, but I love learning and Gertie seems to be a really good teacher. I have already purchased her craftsy class on the starlet suit and am hoping that I can use some of those videos for extra places I need help. I know it covers bound buttonholes for example. If anyone has taken the class and knows what sections would be helpful, i am up for suggestions since I haven't looked at the class at all yet (oops).
So, I am going to do the sew-along, but at my own pace (as I do everything) and hope to come out of it with a nice winter coat and perhaps a wearable muslin.

Now comes the part where I might lose you. I found this drawing

and am a big Doctor Who fan. I think that it would be really cool. not to go over the top this time, but just to do a lining like that. But how would I get fabric like that? I know you can do custom printed fabric at spoonflower and I might go that route.  they have an inside the TARDIS print already, but it isn't quite what I am looking for. it is just too, clean, rigid, I don't know (and it won't let me post a picture of it here).
Here is the inside of the TARDIS  (from when david Tennant was the Doctor)

What about painting fabric? I don't have any experience with that. Do they make paint that doesn't make the fabric stiff? Markers, dye, I have no clue. I probably wouldn't bee any good at drawing it, but I might be ok with a bit abstract.
Any ideas on something that might work for the lining?

So, are any of you planning on doing Gertie's sew-along? What are your plans?
Have you done any of Gertie's craftsy classes?
What about her book, have any of you gotten your copy yet? i have been pining for one, but haven't been able to get it yet. (Hint hint that would be a great gift if any of my family members are reading this).

And I will finish off this post with some other lovely coats I have found on pinterest


  1. I have seen Dr Who toile fabric (can't remember where but I think it was on the net) but I'm not sure if it would be suitable for lining fabric. Good luck with your coat. I've just ordered the pattern but seeing as it is Spring in Australia I don't think I'll make it until next year.

  2. I love the idea of having the Doctor lining your coat. Spoonflower had several prints that I thought might work for it.

  3. I'm doing Gertie's Sew-along too! I love these coat inspiration images you shared. :)

    Have you looked on spoonflower for some tardis print fabric? I bet you could find some on there. You could do the arms in a slipery lining (so you don't get stuck putting it on) and you could do the main body lining in tardis if you can only find a cotton.

  4. Oh, the red one please!
    As to lining, what about silk lining - silk paints don't stiffen the fabric and you could just do dots and let them sort of merge together, or use the out-liner (sorry, it's been a while since I did this and can't remember what its called) to do circles/shapes and then fill them in.
    Have fun!
    Deb xx