Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hair Update (Yes I actually set my hair!)

Two posts in two days, that might be some record for me, maybe I am turning this boat around.

Annabelle inspired me to actually get around to setting my hair. I had been meaning to since I got my hair cut (two weeks ago, ouch) because I don't really like the way it looks down and because I got it cut in a middy to do the great hairstyles that I see people doing on their blogs and on YouTube such as Casey from Elegantly Amused, Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet, Sam of PrimpedPreenNPeachy, and many others ( I hate to exclude people but there are sooo many great hair tutorials!). I think you can see my subscriptions and some favorites on my youtube page. I know that you can see some of my favorite hairdos and tutorials from my my hair and makeup board on pinterest.

So I was going for a Marylin Monroe look, I set my hair using foam rollers. I bought a couple of packs of cheap ones at the dollar tree when I was looking for cheap Easter basket filler. I didn't think that they could screw up foam rollers, I was wrong. The plastic piece that latches the roller, kept falling off. It was a pain, but once I got the rollers in they were okay. I did a rolling set like Ashley does in this video (hers are hot rollers, but you get the idea). Middle part rolled back away from face, sides and back rolled under.

It didn't exactly turn out like hers and at first I was a bit discouraged because when I brushed it, the curls seamed to multiply instead of going together into large curls. Of course I deleted all the pictures of the hair in this beginning state before I even thought of putting it on the blog.

I tried to keep telling myself "Just keep brushing". It was a weird mixture of Sam of PrimpedPreenNPeachy's advice and Dory from Finding Nemo. Hehe.

I then saw a different brush sitting in the cabinet. Now I don't know why I even have this brush because it is horrible with mine and my daughter's hair. But I thought I would give it a try, what could it hurt really. Well it worked! It still isn't perfect, but I felt good going out like that. Not Marilyn, but still good. This is what it looked like after brushing with second brush...

Oh and in case any of you were curious I did take a picture of both brushes. The one on the bottom is my regular brush and the one on the top is the one that worked. Please ignore the mass amounts of hair in the brushes, I don't know why I don't think of these things before taking the photos.
After a while at work the part that falls of my face, was really bugging me so I ended up putting in a bobby pin to hold it back out of my eyes. I still like the look though. Here is the final look. That white thing is my headphone cord. Again not thinking before taking the photo. Also my roots are showing really bad in that last pic, ignore them as well. Maybe I will update my color this weekend.
I am feeling really good about the results even though it isn't exactly what I had originally anticipated. I am much happier with my haircut too (which I do believe helps out with the overall look). 

So happy, I might even attempt pin curls again. They were a disaster last time. It looked like I pinned squares instead of circles, it had big crinks in it like a horrible crimper instead of curls (Any advice on what I did wrong?).

So hopefully this means I will stop being lazy and roll my hair every evening.
I wouldn't count on it, but one can always hope.


  1. Ooh, I really like the new hair! I can see that you are channeling Marilyn with this. It looks great with the glasses and the bobby pin to pull it back as well. Keep this up.

  2. I think your hair looks lovely! Terrific length and curl volume - definitely keep doing pin curls, they work splendidly on you.

    Thank you very much for your blog comment today, sweet gal, I really appreciate it. That's neat about how you found vintage shorts under the heading of "grandpa's shorts". I've seen lots of things for us gals being described as for "grandma", but that has to be the first "grandpa" one!

    Wishing you a gorgeous Friday & weekend,

  3. Ahh, I know the pain of hair causing you troubles, and I set mine quite frequently! But it looks very nice how you styled it!

    One tip that may help about the brushing (although you may not need it since you said your other brush worked better), I grab kind each clump at a time after I brush that particular clump, which helps it from having to go through too much of a Bozo the Clown stage before it sort of settles into curls.