Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Uninspired for summer

I have been a bit uninspired lately.

I like warm weather and love sundresses

I also love playsuits and beachwear! 

The girl with a star-spangled heart is doing a playsuit sew-a-long and I got a pattern and bought fabric. Then before I even cut the fabric, I remembered that I do not get the chance to wear playsuits very often. Occasionally on Saturdays I leave the house and go out. But I spend a lot of time in the summer in the woods with my family and though playsuits are cute, I worry about getting them too dirty.

Dresses are great for church on Sundays and I do plan on making some really soon, I have fabric and patterns picked out for that.

The problem is five days of the week I am at work. At work I have to wear a company shirt and am not allowed to wear shorts.

I do pretty good in the cooler months because I love to layer with cardigans, stockings/tights, over the knee socks, scarves, & accessories. In the summer it is just way too hot to layer.

So that leaves me with only the option os skirts and capris. Not only that, but the company logo shirts come in really bold colors that I really do not know what to do with besides black/dark grey which I am really bored with.

 I am just struggling trying to figure out what to make in order to go with my company shirts.

So this is where you come in.... Can you help?

Here are some that I struggle with: (the colors are much brighter than the pictures show)

These ones are not as bright, but I still haven't worked out what they will go with: