Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year (quick post from phone)

Happy New Year!
So I made some new years resolutions this year (pretty much for the first time). I went all out and made too many, but I'm okay with that. I want to improve I'm not worried about being perfect (because that is never going to happen).
I made two major resolutions: a healthier me and a healthier family.
That has a lot in it though.
For me:
I am going to strive to eat healthier, exercise more, stay safer by not using my mobile phone while driving, feel better about myself (makeup and hair done, other pampering stuff), & take more time to myself
sewing/knitting/etc. (At least one night a week).
For my family:
I'm going to make healthier food, Stick with a better discipline plan for the kiddies (with more rewards and family time) I'm going to try to keep a cleaner house (nothing says love like a clean toilet to puke in - ad libbed from the FlyLady.net), have a family night, and I'm going to give my hubby a night to himself for his hobbies to make him feel better too.
So that is it. Tons of stuff, but the idea is to make life better whenever and wherever I can.
What that means for you is hopefully I will have lots of projects to share this year. Well that is the idea anyway.